Joe Rogan throws J6 truth haymakers…

Let’s be real, that would be a fucking awesome time


Yeah…it would be like smoking weed with sir smoke a lot from Half Baked…

And I agree with him on those issues. But no reasonable person would endorse Bernie or embrace a guy like Hunter… Period. Or question why Johnny Deep is sueing Amber Heard.

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Hunter is a piece of trash crack head. Lol.

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I don’t think Joe was embracing Hunter. I think he was just making a comment about it would be wild to spend a night doing drugs with the President’s son who just happens to be a drug addled crackhead lol.

Joe doesn’t seem to hate on anyone. He’s also not that much into politics. He’s described himself as barely paying attention when it comes to the political realm.


Kenan Thompson Reaction GIF by Saturday Night Live

No thanks

Yea I’m sure. It was awhile back but in regards to politics he said no one should listen to him and that “he’s barely paying attention”.

I see Joe like a lot of these podcaster types that start talking through the things that are happening around world, and the more they talk about the issues of the day, the more they drift to the right. Rogan, Jimmy Dore, Tim Pool, and Russell Brand to name a few. All started as liberal faggots, and still are to a degree, but moving right as they become more aware.


Barely paying attention. Talks politics all the time and endorses a fucking communist… Which one is it?

Joe lost his way at some point. I agree with a lot he says. But he lost me as a fan.

lol socialism, not communism. I would never vote for Bernie but I don’t hate those who would. Trump was worried about running against Bernie the most because they had crossover on key issues. Mainly trade.

It’s like the difference in Oreos and Great value brand cookies dude. Bernie is a fucking communist through and through.

Lol. Don’t church it up.

You like Joe. Let’s leave it at that.

Yea, I like Joe. He’s left of center but has a lot of crossover with the right. The left hates Joe with a passion. So anyone the left hates is good in my book.


So did Joe plow Jenna Jameson, or what???

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The FBI is a domestic terrorist organization.