Joe Rogan tixs for Manchester?

I know this is a stupidly long shot but does anyone know where I could get 4 tix for Joe Rogan next Friday in Manchester. I may be wfa but fuck it!! I'm buzzing for this weekend and after a dfw jr meet and greet this would be the icing on the cake... Phone Post 3.0

Anyone? Had a scout about some of the ticket sites but nothing much about. Phone Post 3.0

Last ditch effort. Anyone? Phone Post 3.0

nvm you mean comedy show.

from the searching i did, they are sold out, and i don't know any sites in the UK for buying tickets from people.

Yeh fingers crossed there's something Phone Post 3.0

Cheers Shaq likewise. I couldn't find anything! Phone Post 3.0

VU for you both Phone Post 3.0