Joe Silva @ UFC

How did he get his job and what qualifications do you need for the job?


i think he used to always call SEG and give them suggestions and they started having him out to the ufcs as sort of a helpful hand. i think he worked his way up and when zuffa signed on dana made him official match maker. i could be all wrong but i remember hearing that.

Cool. Thanx Charles.

Chooch, Who would you consider the fab 5 of the UFC then?

randy vs. ricco and josh was protection?

Chuck vs. randy, babaloo, randleman, tito, vitor were protection?

Tito vs. Randy, chuck was protection?

Baroni vs. Lindland 2x, soloev, menne were protection?

Sylvia vs. Cabbage, Ricco in only his second ufc fight, mcgee, setup vs arlovski, now setup vs. mir is protection?

Man what do you want?

A great man for the matchmaking job. He has a ton of energy and knowledge. Silva cares what the fans think.

I dunno, I think they threw Couture to the wolves and he earned everything he has.

Couture had to agree to the matches.