Joe Stevenson - Anyone even care?

He's the least talked about TUF winner. Do people even care about watching him fight?

After he apologized for submitting Mishima I'm not as interested.

do you think that guy works out?

Yes, Joe is the real deal. He's great to watch fight.

I'm a fan.

He was on TUF, so getting people to admit they think he's any good is a tall order.

I was also informed on the UG today that his loss to Brennan in 1999 means that he isn't any good.

He handles Guillard, and is a good enough grappler to hang with the best the LW division has to offer.

I had the chance to workout w/ Joe at CKJJ when he ran the MMA conditioning class.  He seemed like a really cool guy, and he's got some skills, so I enjoy watching his fights.

Im a fan!!!!!!

Waiting for him to fight Gurgel, Florian, Fisher and Pulver. Those fights intrest me...

I don't think he is going to have a problem with Guillard...

If Joe beats Guillard he should get the next title shot after Franca.

I'm excited to see him fight, very technical fighter....I actually thought he was next in line for the title fight...Should be a good fight

Guillard's is stronger then Yves Edwards, and he is more aggressive, But that will make it more easy for Stevenson to take him down...

No way in hell Stevenson beats Edwards then loses to Gulliard...

Joe will be UFC champ at 155

Joe should beat Melvin as melvin is kinda like a lite version of Yves who is better over all fighter imho.

Joe vs. Franca interests me.


I am wanting to watch Joe Stephenson vs Jorge Gurgel

"why stevenson vs gurgel??that fight makes no sense" what do mean it makes no sense? I think it would be a good fight. Both guys have heart and both guys are not exceptionally tall (which is part of their collective weaknesses) and both are good on the ground.

I agree Guillard vs. Gurgel would be a good one too.

Joe is an exciting fighter with well-rounded skills....he has definate potential at 155....although I see him having trouble with the likes of Fisher, Franca and Sherk, there's no doubt (in my mind at least) that he could hold his own against the UFC's top an aside, I think he'd get murdered by Gomi, Melendez, ect. (an I am NOT a PRIDE honk)


I'd like to see Stevenson vs Serra or BJ if they ever come back to LW.

why in the world would anybody compare yves and guillard? oh wait- this is the UG, it must be because they're both black.

the two guys fight nothing alike. yves is all technique, melvin is all power... both guys are very good, but they're completely different.