Joe Stevenson lost his match

Good line up at GQ Vegas...

Rani Yahira beat him in the first round at GQ..
there is a results thread at jj.gear

Robson beat Uly, Sonny beat Epstein 20-0.. Saulo, Lundell all advanced...

I predict Rani lightweight champ of ADCC

Any results on Rani vs Leo?

Reis beat Sonny in the second round..then Reis lost to Robson Moura by heel hook...Moura kneebarred Useless in the first round.

Rick Macauly won his first bout.

Galvao was a no show

Telles won

Rani was beaten by Lucas Leite Gomez 8-3..

Bill Cooper triangles Scott Bieri (bad ass from Cobra Kai) in less than a minute.. Cooper then lost to Lucan Gomez.

Popovitch beat Saulo on advantage.. .Rick M wins by submission than beats Telles by advantage...big day for Macauly!

sorry if it's all unorganized..just posting what I read off another forum

Sweet. Thanks for the results