Joe Stevenson Scarecrow Drill UF series 2

Anyone got a video link to Joe doing this drill on Mike Whitehead? The time he did something like 204 rotations? Looked on Youtube etc but no luck. Thanks

 here you go..


I'm no stranger to that drill.

you know the rules, and so do I.

Thanks TrainJudo, that was posted here before, you are a tool.


That also been done before. I thought once you went over 1000 posts you ceased to find that shit funny.


not your strong suit.

Being a fuckwit is obviously yours though.

 dont fuckwit a fuckwit!!


Are you 5years old? Seriously, if you cant help with the original question can you just continue rubbing shit on your hands and making pictures instead of posting.

if you go by dog years, I am nearly 5..

I cant find video of it, tried.

Not humourless, but that shit has been done countless times on here, and I just wanted the information. Thank you for looking TJ

I was using a towel to wipe up sweat but after a while they stopped sweating!  Joe Daddy and Whitehead both had blisters and burn marks all over for days.  }:-)

TrainJudo F***ning awesome ... u r the man


"My favorite TUF season by far."

Mine too. Luke have you any fights coming up?


lol @ they stopped sweating