Joe Stevenson vs. Chris Brennan ?

anyone have the video of this fight?

Yup. Brennen chokes Setvenson out with a triangle choke. To Joe's credit, he was only 17 @ the time though...

Sounds like this rematch is brewing for UFC 57 or 58 the way Joe talks on his latest interview.

I'll pick Joe if they have a rematch.

I heard that video also. No way it happens on UFC 57. That's only four weeks away. It would be nice to see that fight on a live spike event. He didn't mention Brennan's name on the interview. Are you sure that's who he was talking about?

No I cant say 100% sure thats who he meant, but at the same time I cant think of anyone else it could apply to except for Jens, and I dont see Jens fighting in the UFC until they bring back 155.

It could be though since he just said 'a guy who beat me early in my career' or something similar.

I do think he mentioned Brennans name on Combat Cage a few weeks though. We will have to wait and see i guess!

does anyone have the video of their first fight by the way?

Brennan is a pimp!

I can't believe he is still SO underrated. I think Joe is a Tough SOB and if we fight it will be a WAR

Well then together this would be a fun match up to watch

"I have the KOTC dvd with their fight on it... and Joe gets owned real quick..."

Yeah but Stevenson was 17 at the time. I'm sure it would be a whole lot different now.

No, no, no - here's the actual quote from UFC:
"With a victory, Stevenson will not only have a UFC contract in hand, but - given his level of experience -he could conceivably move quickly up the 170-pound ladder. He's in no rush though.

"I think that's premature," he said. "After this win, I'd like to beat up some people that beat me when I was young, like Chris Brennan. I'd like to get rematches against Romie , Ron Jhun, and Jens Pulver. Those are the people that have beaten me in the past. I haven't lost in almost four years, but I want a chance at redemption so I can close that chapter of my life."

"What was the bad feeling between Joe and Chris?
As I recall didn't Chris kick him away after the choke?"

Something like that, it didn't look like a friendly parting is all I recall.

how old was Stevenson when Brennen beat him ?? like 15


i heard he was 8 and batteling the flu

no it was chickenpox.

Not only that but only hours before someone had peed on his trapper keeper and taken his TMNT lunchbox. Needless to say poor Joe, went without his lunch of two twinkies, a fruit roll-up and a thermos of grape Kool-aid. Then he gets choke-out by brennan, it was a bad day for Joe.

Hopefully Brennan gets another shot in the UFC as this would be a good match-up.

11 thats funny