Joe Stevenson Vs. Gleison Tibau

 This the official thread for Joe Stevenson Vs. Gleison Tibau at UFC 86.

Joe Stevenson defeats Gleison Tibau via Guillotine Submission at 2:03 of Round 2.

Please feel free to post here before, during, and after the fight!  

How come dont sponser Joe Daddy?

Go Joe Daddy!

Lets go Joe!

going for tibau 1 doll hair

is it just me or are all the Brazilian ATT fighters pretty f'in big for there divisions?

there pretty f'in big

Iron Man entrance has me liking Tibau.

 steve lost the porno mustache....


Joe is like damn...this is not gettin anywhere

I give it to Joe

 wow. What "gamesmanship"

Yep. Round goes to Joe imo.

Wow the chick Penn is with is HOT!

The Prodigy in the house!

 Tibau is the fucking man.  He's McNulty's brother! 

 Grab that ass Tibau!

He almost checked the oil on Joe

Tibau wind round 1