Joe Warren vs Rumina Sato at VTJ'09

Sato's opponent for Value Tudo Japan 2009 has been announced as Dream standout Joe Warren ! Didn't see that coming ...

Who's Rumina Sato? I don't remember him from any season of TUF...

 Sato needs to retire. Warren by TKO.

I like this fight especially since its totally out of nowhere. I agree that Sato is probably done but I think he will win this fight. Sato is sooooo crafy submission wise and Joe Warren is still pretty green. I think Rumina could catch him with something.


I love Warren, but I can never root against Sato

I would pick Sato by triangle or arm bar. Too bad this isn't on HDNET.

I will cream my pants if Sato pulls of a flying sub on Joe Warren.

I don't hate Warren the way a lot of people do, but my heart with Rumina


THE CACTUS KID - Moonwolf!!


sato my second fav fighter, but at this stage... RIP sato.

Warren just got beat and he needs to prove something now. Why Sato??