Joey Karate's UFC picks....

Betting on the UFC? Then you gotta listen to Joey Karate, he could make you rich :)

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This guy is great! Good find Bravo!


that there is one super sized gi.

Joey Karate is awesome!!!

that is the funniest thing i have seen in awhile. I have everyone in my office laughing their asses off right now

This is the damn best marketing scheme I ever seen. Zuffa PAY THE MAN !!!!

that is so fucking funny!!

for later.

those knees he throws are amazing! they go up about 6 inches into his stomach


That guy sounded winded before he even started.


Joey K needs some O2

Fuck yeah!!!

Zimmer has some competition!

CAn we get an answer from CRAZY ZIMMERMAN?

It's gonna be war between Zim and this Joey guy!!!!!


Can someone youtube Silva vs. Forrest Whitaker for me?

he owns garv

This guy is fockin GREAT, he has to go mainstream.