Joey Villasenor-Ready 4 Primetime

First of all, none of Joey's fights go the distance ... he is a finisher. I feel at 185 lbs Joey can hang with anyone in the top 10 right now. He may not win every fight against top 10 opponents, but he wouldn't be blown out either (again, IMO). In his most recent fight Joey destroyed the tough Art Santore, it wasn't even a hard fight for Villasenor.

Here are Joey's last 10 fights. He has won them all, excepting the injury defeat to Jermaine Andre in The WFA.

Win Allan Mollring TKO

Win Eddy Rolon TKO (Cut)

Win Timothy Credeur Submission (Strikes)

Win Todd Carney Submission (Choke)

Loss Jermaine Andre TKO (Injury from Takedown)

Win Lorn Estes Submission (Strikes)

Win Tony Galindo TKO (Corner Stoppage)

Win Joe Merit TKO

Win James Fanshier Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Win Art Santore TKO (Cut)

I'd like to see Joey face Denis Kang in The UFC, how about you guys?

There are any number of good fights for Joey at 185:

Villasenor vs. Doerkson

Villasenor vs. Fryklund

Villasenor vs. Pele Jons

Villasenor vs. Tim Kennedy (it would be an absolutle war!)

Villasenor vs. Loiseau

etc... I could go on and on.

This guy belongs in, and deserves to be in a big event.


Shit, I would like to see ME fight him. Lets do it !

Denis Kang

Joey is a stud. The cut he opened up on Rolons head was as amazing as Belforts.

Joey is a badass, and has been for a while. I was live at a few of his fights, and they were always exciting and it seemed obvious that he would soon make it to one of the 'big shows' if he kept doing what he was doing. He is exciting as hell, and in great shape. I remember LOLing at him doing the Saku double hand slap thing at one of his fights. Good stuff. He should be in the UFC already.

He would be a good next opponent for Lee Murray in the UFC. That would be a great fight!

Peter P

Joey will be fighting in Austrailia on march 19th and then back in KOTC PPV

Joey is definatly a good fighter. He is undefeated in KOTC is he not? Like 6-0 or something i think.

Joey's potential dance card should read;

Miller, Phillip (185)

Kang, Denis (184)

Doerksen, Joe (185)

Miller, Jason 'Mayhem' (185)

Suda, Masanori (182)

Vigneault, Steve (184)

Loiseau, David (184)

Murray, Lee (185)

Takeuchi, Izuru (182)

Tanner, Evan (185)

Lindland, Matt James (184)

Ishikawa, Eiji (185)

Denes, Dustin (185)

Almeida, Ricardo (185)

Filho, Paulo (185)

Rivera, Jorge (185)

Vitale, Falaniko (185)

Fryklund, Anthony (185)

He is too good for KOTC, and is ready to take the step up.

Kang vs Villasenor would be insane

I saw his fight with Mollring, and Villasenor looked scary. He just flew out of his corner at a sprint and beat fuck out of Mollring.


Eddys headbut to Joeys knee did not go as planned, it was a fluke win for him.

Riggs vs Villasenor at 185 would produce a major struggle.

would be great to see one of my faves villasenor again soon in the cage, preferrably kotc so he is not prohibited from those diving knees that he used on santore.