Jogging TME

I want some tips tonight I did my first solo jog in about 6 years. I'm 25, 6 foot and about 93kgs. I was pretty stoaked I jogged 3.4 km in about 18 and a half minutes. The help I want it how often should I start going and when should I up my run. 

dhughes - Double knot your laces. Mooks taught me this life hack.

Haha I did see this in the other thread and cracked up I had new runners and the lace come undone about 2k into the run I new if I stopped I wasn't going to jog again so I just had to keep going haha

Couch to 5k. Look it up. Don't hurt yourself! And the 2x knot, fosho!

What are your goals? 

When talking with others about this remember the j in jogging is a soft j. It's pronounced yogging. Oh, and buy body glide. It will help.

ufc98newb - Couch to 5k. Look it up. Don't hurt yourself! And the 2x knot, fosho!
This. It's a great program I used to get into running.

Jogging is for fags.

Take it slow at first. People often start too quick, jogging too often, and then quit because they keep getting injured

Move one foot forward.  Then the other. Now faster. 



I just started again and our times are pretty similar. I've been trying to do pose running but you kind of change the way you run. Still trying to get the form down, but the good thing is my pace time is going down. Started at 9:20 pace for 1.6km/1 mile and now at 8:50 after 2 weeks.

Icy Mike -

Jogging is for fags.


See Running thread sir, all the info is there