Johil Now BJJ

I recentl read that Johil De Oliveria is now practicing BJJ under a Carlson Gracie blackbelt. He is currently a blue belt and payed homage to Carlson Gracie after his matches at the Senior and Masters. Its amazing how many of the luta livre fighters have left. Johil used to say that he was "Luta Livre until the day I die" but now he has crossed over along with Babalu, Ivan Jorge, Milton Viera, and the majority of the Budokan and Ruas VT fight teams. Now the only rpresentatives of the style seem to be Joao Ricardo(too old to fight), equeno and the people that are a part of RFT fight team.

it may be all word play but for all intents and purposes luta livre in brazil is pretty much dead.. lots of no gi sub guys but those budokan/ brunocilla luta livre days are done..

i remember getting that footage of the budokan and brunocilla training vs the japanese visitiors i was blown away!!! johil looked incredible at the time

I'm really surprised that they would make the move to training with the gi. How is that possible when no gi training is so much more effective?

the first thing carlihnos made the RVT guys who joined his GB combat team do, was put on a gi.

I also like how johil earned a blue belt first, instead of just hoping to get promoted straight to black belt (since he beat the snot out of quite a few bjj black belts in vale tudo).

it's all about being humble and willing to learn.