John Alessio Fight?

What happened and where can i go to read about it? Thanks for any help

he won via an armbar in the first round

Thanks for the info

It was a great fight, John was in total control.

i knew allesio would do it!

In the semi main event home town fighter John "The Natural" Alessio took on Brandon Olson of Montana in a fight that looked more like a grappling match then an MMA bout. In what seemed to be the playing of some mind games, Olson came out to the ring sporting a Jason Black/Team Miletich t shirt when he came out to the ring. Alessio's three losses in his last 13 fights have come at the hands of Miletich members Pat Miletich, Jason Black at UCC 12, and Joe Doerkson. Wanting nothing to do with the standup of Alessio, Olson shot for the takedown right off the bell taking Alessio to the mat quickly, right to a short lived half mount. A failed submission attempt by "The Natural" left Alessio open, and Olson was able to get to side control and eventually take Alessio's back. Olson's advantage would be short lived however and Alessio eventually spun into the guard of Olson, and from their controlled the bout on the ground until he eventually finished the fight with an armbar. Alessio wins via Submission armbar at 3:00 of round one.

Alessio is on a role... how long until he is in the UFC?


good to see john in action again. he was super active when he first went hooked up with javier and millennia, but hasn't fought that much lately. the UFC should take a look at him again and have him go with Carlos Newton, Jeremy Jackson or Karo Parisian. Those would all be exciting fights. Allessio has a very controlled gameplan nowadays but I think those three would make exciting fights.


Alessio vs. Lawler....