John Alessio

Hasn't gotten a shot at the UFC because????????
He's taken out elite competition in the past two years and the Jason Black lose was suspect. Is the UFC just not aware of him? He's got the big time KO power the UFC covets, he's beaten great fighters and he's got a belt from another organization.

Someone got an answer for me? Please?

And don't bring up the Militech fight from years ago. That's not a good answer.

"You can't win a fight by running away from your opponent."

Klitchko did last Saturday.

Yes, I saw it. It was a close fight. It wasn't like Jason Black pounded him. I'll give you ring generalship, but I'm not even sure that applies in MMA. AND Jason has refused a rematch.

No, just making a point.

In all honesty, the Black/Alessio fight wasn't all that eventful. Can you really say that that fight should keep him out of the UFC? Did you see his KO of Brennen? The Juhn fight?

Are you one of Jason's training partners or something?

Alessio should get a shot, IMO.

Alessio is very tough. good all around fighter..

I would love to fight him...

I was expecting so much from Alessio/Black and it was one of the worst fights I have ever seen. That being said by the judging criteria applied to fights in North America Alessio should have gotten the decision. No matter how hardcore we were booing him.

Alessio is a badass... one of the best guys in the division right now, I think.