John Alessio's walk out music at MFC 22

Does anyone know what song John Alessio walked out to at MFC 22? Thank's in advance.


by Santigold

Santigold has about 5 songs that would make great entrance music

Thank's bro, that was a fast response, I appreciate it.

Never heard of them before, liked the song, but couldn't put my finger on the artist.

awesome , i was looking for this too.

does anyone know any of the other entrance songs?

Santigold is a she and i cant believe she's being mentioned on the Yuu Gee....though one of her songs was used for Bud commericial, ha.

Her You'll Find a Way, Switch remix could be a good walk out.

It's raining men?

UNSTOPPABLE by Santigold would be the best walk out song eva



theres hope for the ug yet!