John Danaher says

Thank you for the response! I’ll have to go dig up that book so I can reread the intro now.

Yeah I remember maybe 10 years ago a video of Kron teaching a class where he said “When my grandfather invented the guard…”



Rorion is not a good person. Most of his family doesn’t like him.

Why is it called Caesar Gracie BJJ, Ralph Gracie BJJ, Rickson Grace BJJ etc?

Because Rorion trademarked the name Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and sued anyone claiming to teach Gracie JJ. I don’t know but I’m pretty sure his own children don’t talk to him. I’m also pretty certain he isn’t liked by any of his cousins. I’ll leave it that.


This thread is awesome guys.

Lots of good historical sources. I need to read/watch Drysdale’s stuff

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Maybe I’m an outlier as far as black belts go, but I don’t give a flying fuck how it started lol.


No. A lot of BBs don’t care. The history isn’t important from a technical standpoint. Some people, like me, are just MA history nerds.

But are you an instructor? Because some students will ask you about the history of BJJ. So, it’s nice to have something to tell them that is at least somewhat true.


I teach from time to time, but I don’t have a reliable enough schedule to teach consistently. I can see your point.

I tell my students that if they have any questions, the answers are in The Bible :pray:.


Agree with whoever said Danaher is probably into weird sex stuff. I can picture him being as autistic and clinical about BDSM as he is about BJJ.

“Most people ignore 50% of the vagina by not stimulating the a-spot”

Except he would call the a-spot by its Japanese name.


Happy Eddie Murphy GIF by Laff


G supotto, Sensei


Ive done classes taught by a “death squad” guy and it turned me off of everything danaher. I can’t get past their delivery and was a weird dude, and a dick

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Check your PM

Interesting. Can you say more about it?

Feel free to pm