John DeLaO is Not a BB under Joe M

not sure why someone would be so Bold as to have this

"John trained under Rodrigo Gracie and was awarded his Black Belt from Joe Moirera."

on the main page of his web site, but John is was NEVER awarded a Black Belt by Joe.

that is one of the reasons why Joe had this web site created, to let everyone know who is BBs are

just curious... does anyone know where John got any of his belts?

"just curious... does anyone know where John got any of his belts?
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he doesn't say he got his black belt from Moriera. he got it from Joe Moirera.

His site is EVERYTHING thats wrong with BJJ.

Oh, I don't know, I thought the link to Home Depot was a nice touch...

His site, with the exception of the home depot link, is EVERYTHING thats wrong with BJJ.

Where's Duck of Death when you need some investigating?

I promoted Shen to Black Belt last night in my system of Anglo-
Brazilian Styles Renbunkai Submission Combat Jiu Jitsu.

Congratulations Shen.

We are both eagerley awaiting Aranha's seminar in April so he can
formalise the grade.

In the mean time Shen will be wearing a Black Belt with brown stripe so
everybody knows he is at black belt level but has not had the belt
formalised by someone of Aranha's pure lineage.

Big Up Shen

(He's probably not gonna read this until tommorrow cos i know he is
teaching a self defence seminar to the anaheim fire-fighters wives
support group tonight)

Congrats on the belt and the wit shen.


congrats shen,long overdue,who is this john guy ?

I trained with John DeLaO quite a bit back in the late nineties. From what I remember John's story is as followed.

Way back in the day John DeLaO trained with Reylson Gracie and Rodrigo Gracie, along with Ken Gabrielson, and often travelled with Reylson as his partner to do seminars (DeLaO was a Purple belt through Brown belt at the time).

DeLaO had a falling out with the Gracies over typical business/ political reasons, and ended up recieving his Black Belt originally from Ken Gabrielson. John and Ken then had a falling out and Ken supposedly took John's Black Belt back or denied giving it to him, etc.

Then about 4 or 5 years ago he wanted to continue being ranked under someone and Joe Moreira gave him his 2nd degree.

I like John as a person, and I have no idea how acurate the story is, but that is basically what I was told.

You see Shen,

I told you this can happen.

I can take your Black Belt back at ANY time.

You would then have to wait 4 or 5 years before Aranha gives you a 2nd
Degree if you want to be ranked under someone.

At last proof that BJJ isn't becoming like a McDojo and there are some
good guys keeping the belts real.


Omoplata 107 wrote

I notice Joe promoted Kimo to black belt. If that's not star f***ing, I don't know what it is.

Kimo has been training jiu jitsu since his loss to Royce (back in the 90's)his jiujits has come a long ways,stop by for a roll.

shen, if you can't handle cgjj's heavy handed control; and, if you also get dumped on by aranha, I can hook you up with a bb in Applachain Jiu-Jitsu.

You would join an elite team. "We're not Rednecks. We're Applachian Americans."

Shouldn't Eddie Millis from the Shark Tank be on that Joe M list also? I could swear I have read that Joe M promoted him to Blackbelt also.

so is david leo poster c??

You dumbasses! I already said I don't know how accurate it is, I'm only telling you what came from the horses mouth.


^^^ So what's your point?

Are you saying that John DeLaO is in fact Ralph Gracie and was promoted to 3rd degree by Heidiki Frazier?