John DelaO

Hi Chris,

I read a lot of criticism regarding the legitimacy of John DelaOs Black Belt on the Atama Forum. Since you received your Blk Belt from John, and I consider you a world class grappler, what are you thoughts on the legitimacy of John DelaO as a Black Belt.

John was my first instructor in BJJ about 10 years ago when I first started college. I have great respect for him but since all these accusations about his legitimacy came about I wanted to get your opinion.



Anyone who has rolled with Chris knows he is legit. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or they just haven't rolled with him.

John is good. He has a real slow methodical style of "old school" Jiu-Jitsu. I think he suffered from not training with anyone higher than him where it didn't hurt me too bad. Sure I would have liked to have higher ranked guys to train with all the time but I was busy building an empire.

Is this the same Delao who has fought in the Vancouver area?

I believe John Delao has fought in the Vancouver area.

He has mentioned that he used to fight in Canada.