John Dodson vs. Darrell Montague

Up next... I got Dodson

I picked Dodson.

Dodson is ridiculously fast. It's a joy to watch him fight.

Magician ? Phone Post 3.0

Montague looks like a mini fusion of Condit and Brown Phone Post 3.0

Wow Phone Post 3.0


Ric Flair'd him hard. Damn.

Goddamn I fucking love Dodson.


That was crazy.

AndersonSilvasMoney - Ric Flair'd him hard. Damn.

This Phone Post

Boom Phone Post 3.0

Awesome!!!! Phone Post 3.0

He is so fun to watch. Phone Post 3.0

Dodson's combination of speed power at this weight is awesome to witness. Phone Post 3.0