John Fetterman gives passionate speech to Pennsylvanians


I have…2 gigantic…

Nuts that progressive lardass trust fund baby wannabe blue collar clown can polish orally.

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Fetterman is dangerous and the most radical the Democrats are running in any election. Then you have to deal with he is unable to even do the job as a result of his stroke.

Vote for Dr. Oz just to keep this guy out.


Another situation that I’m completely out of the loop.

You and him both.


The best light heavyweight… of the night.

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All these ugly people “winning” elections is just proof that voting has been rigged for a long time. At least a few decades.

There is no way this guy or Lori Lightfoot could ever win any contest where popularity and likability are key factors.

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Plenty of worthless wastes of space vote (D) no matter what. I live in California, I know.