john frankl dvd

anyone have the dvd? it's 2 hours of seminar footage and from what I read on jiujitsugear, it sounds pretty good.

It's excellent.

The John Frankl DVD is awesome. I met John at the SBG Spring camp and was impressed on how approachable and patient he was with everyone. His depth of knowledge and his ability to convey that to others is top notch. Everyone of the coaches and instructors from SBG are like that. I have applied his cross face and x concept to passing the half guard successfully against much stronger and skilled guys prior to the camp. I talked with John and told him how much the DVD had helped my game. All the little details made sense out of a lot of the movements I have been forcing in order to get them to work.We all know that's Bad BJJ as it lacks technique. Other BJJ guys either don't know the details or choose not to show them. In fact during the Gorilla Cup on Saturday night I was rolling and got 1/2 guard top and started to revert to another pass and John shouted to do the X and bam 5 seconds later I had blown through the guys guard and was cross sides. I look forward to the opportunity to train with him again.