John frankl videios

I was wondering know that John frankl is part of the sbgi if he is going to be making his tapes series I heard last week that there is advd with his techniques but I can't find the tape. His web-site doesn'thave much info only about his bio.

Here you go:

Thanks Luis

And it's worth mentioning that John is the man, so you
should buy that DVD!

John's teaching of BJJ is second to none. I was very impressed on this last trip to the UK and Ireland, and learned a lot myself.

-Matt Thornton

TTT for John! He is absolutely the man. Besides his technical skill, he has excellent taste in music (Revenants rule!), and is a way cool guy to boot.

Plus, what really impressed me at the last SBG camp was that he rolled with EVERYBODY, and he went to their level. When he rolled with a white belt, he didn't try to kill them. Instead, he rolled so that both sides got something out of it. It was a work of art.


AWESOME! Another Instructional for me to get and I only get ones that will help me realistically by training it with Aliveness.

SBGi, keep making them, and I'll keep buying them (and progressing).

Of course theres no sub for the real thing. Can't wait for the Matt Thornton seminars!!!