John Hackleman reveals Glover's Gameplan for 172

// John Hackleman made his second appearance on Submission Radio over the weekend and talked about a whole bunch of things

On what the gameplan was in the fight: "Getting inside, make up the distance, close the distance and bang away and get takedowns, and he couldn't even grab at all. For the takedown he tried a couple but he had no strength in his right arm, so that kind of took care of that. And then the punching with his right arm he couldn't throw it like he does you know, it had nothing on it."

Glover's Torn Labrum: "Yeah, I didn't even know." "I asked him, 'why didn't you tell me, I could've tried to change up the gameplan, I could've you know , tried to work around it' and he was like 'coz he was scared if he would've told me, I would've stopped the fight."

Thoughts on Jones' shoulder crank and Knee teeps and unorthodox moves: "They're legal. I mean they should be, but then you know, if you're gonna legalize linear kicks that could hurt the knee then why can't you do small joint manipulation, why can't you do; you can't even grab the fence but you can crank someone's shoulder which is legal and it's fine. Then why can't you do a twelve to six elbow?"

"You can do certain things, like you can you know, crank someone's shoulder and rip it, but you can't do a small joint manipulation coz you might break their pinky. But ripping the shoulder is ok. An then you can hit 'em in the head as hard as you want and cause a subdural hematoma, you know but you can't heel kick to the kidneys? Like I said, some things make absolutely no sense."

thoughts on the knee kicks that Jones uses and people (Rampage) calling them dirty: "It's not as high risk as you know, hitting someone in the head really hard and giving them a freakin' stroke. So you know, I rather have knee surgery then a freakin', having my head cut open and having brain surgery." "I don't think it should be disallowed because it might hurt someone's knee, just like I don't think punching to the head should be disallowed because it might cause brain damage."

Thoughts on Jones' Hands in Glover's face and the eye pokes "Yeah I think you should be able to if you can do it without poking the eyes. I think if you're gonna do it, it should be really closely monitored and if you go near the eyes, if you go in the eye you get a warning and then Boom, I think it should go right to points (being taken) away." "Say it was me, you know it would irritate me but then as soon as the fingers start going in my eye, I think like I said there should be one warning and then it should be points taken away or even more if there's going to be any fingers in the eye, otherwise let's make the groin shots and you know, hitting in the back of the skull legal too."

"With that said, I'm not saying that Jon Jones was fouling at all and the only person that can answer that question is Glover." 

How Glover would fight in a rematch

"I think the gameplan was really good. I would stick with the same gameplan. Like I said, the shoulder crank was unexpected by everyone and I'm sure that Jones Jones didn't even train for it. It just happened and he (Glover) presented himself and he took advantage, but I don't see any really huge gameplan changes. I think if Glover's arm wasn't hurt in the first round it would've been a different fight."

Glover moving down to Middleweight

Yeah, no. Glover's never given up power for anyone, or he's never been the weaker or the smaller of the guys, you know. I think walking around at 225, 230, it'd be pretty hard to make 185."

The Chuck Liddell/Jon Jones Beef:

"I don't think Jon Jones or Chuck (Liddell) had as much to do with it as the media. I don't know, they seem to be pushing that pretty hard. I think Jones' manager is kind of pushing it too, maybe to get some kind of, I don't know why. Maybe to get a big fight."

"It's not between Jon and Chuck. They have a lot of respect for each other. I think it's being propagated by Jones' manager or the press or whatever. All Chuck said was 'in his prime, he thinks he could beat Jon Jones'."

"It was kind of taken out of context, like 'oh wants to fight him now'. No, what Chuck said was, in his prime he thinks he had the tools to beat Jon Jones. He didn't say now. He said in his prime, which he's not in his prime. So to take that out of context is stupid and I mean it's kind of a douche-bag move."

On Antonio Banuelos returning to MMA
"Yeah, his goal is to get back into the UFC on step at a time. He's 125 now and makes it easily, not easily, but he makes it. And he's training hard, making the proper sacrifices to get in to the game. He doesn't you know, party anymore on the weekends, except for putting on a dress. So yeah, he's focused."

On a movie on his life, who would play Him, Chuck and his Girlfriend
"My girlfriend would be played by Jennifer Aniston because they have very similar sense of humors. Chuck Liddell would be played by Mickey Rourke. And I would be played by Mark Wahlberg. "

When asked why Mark Wahlberg
"Because I think he's the sexist man alive."

On Movie nights with Chuck Liddell and what their favourite flick was
"Our favourite flick, and we can't get the name of it. It's a movie and it's an old kung fu movie and our favourite line is; the guy gets out of bed with some woman and he says: "get up, get dressed, make the bed and get out."
"I can't remember the name of it, but back in the old days, Chuck and I used to watch that movie all the time on VHS."
Strangest Halloween Costume he's worn
"I wore a priest the year before last. I was a priest and my girlfriend was a catholic schoolgirl"

If he's still as invested in MMA as he was 10 years ago
"It goes up and down. I still love martial arts as much as I did back in 1970 when I first became infatuated with it. I love it just as much, every bit as much, maybe even more. But you know, sometimes I'm more into the MMA parts, sometimes I'm over the MMA parts and I, I just like the martial arts and fitness part. So I go back and forth on that. As a whole, I'm just as much into martial arts as I have been since day one."

Favourite fighter that he's not caoching
"Barao, Aldo, that group"

Hard to disagree with anything he said, John seems like a great coach that really cares about his fighters. Phone Post 3.0

"Where's Emily this year? She could have put on a great showing against Laurel."

She would wreck Laurel in anything physical. She won the last one and it seems like she's using the money to broaden her horizons. She mentioned opening a gym possibly in one of her videos. Personal training I'm sure. She's a hardcore cross fitter, unfortunately and she's big on the buttered coffee.

I always thought he looked like David Cross hahaha Phone Post 3.0