John Howard vs. Siyar Bahadurzada

Up next... I got Bahadurzada

Yeah Bahadurkadurka should win. The ex-PM of australia always has a punchers chance though.

Let's go Doomsday!!! Phone Post 3.0

I picked Howard.

Howard. Phone Post 3.0

wow Rogan is gonna be annoying in this one.


"Close round like this"? Didn't Siyar land numerous good shots, including appearing to rock Howard?

Takedown by Howard could've sealed a close round, IMO. Phone Post 3.0

Siyar looks like hes going to gas

Howard lost that round. No idea why his corner is saying he won Phone Post 3.0

John is losing on the feet. Phone Post 3.0

Did someone else just hear taht fart like sound?

Someone just farted...

Someone definitely just farted Phone Post 3.0

Lmao who dropped it!! Phone Post 3.0

Nice toot! Phone Post 3.0


1-1 Phone Post 3.0

Siyar's conditioning looks awful.

They both just stopped and looked at each other after.