John improve UFC gloves

Randy Couture said that after the last fight with Vitor at UFC 46. John went to the company that makes the UFC gloves to make the gloves more rounded, so that a cut by the glove hopefully doesn't happen again.




Glad to hear it!

That's awesome. Hope it works!

Dear UFC fans,
I would like to update everyone regarding the Official UFC gloves which has been modified immediately after the Vitor and Randy mishap. What happened was very unfortunate.
As the manufacturer of the official UFC gloves (since Zuffa bought the UFC in 2001)safety comes first. The improvements made on the gloves will hopefully prevent further accidents. However, accidents will and can happen in any sport and MMA is no exception.

To date the new UFC gloves comes with soft stitched sleeves on all finger tips and palm opening.

I would like to thank the UFC for their support,  trust and loyalty. It is a pleasure to work with them.

To all the fans. Thank you for supporting the UFC and other organized MMA shows.

John Veloso Ouano
Ouano Internatinal

That's especially good news considering everybody on here has hands at least as fast as Belfort, hence a missed punch causing severed eyelids could have been a regular occurence!

(Really though, the gloves actually look cooler now too.)

they match the sprawl shorts