John McAfee’s contingency plan activated

Looks like the URL isn’t working. That means someone with the right tech know-how has to retrieve it from the blockchain, I guess, although I have no idea what that means, or if that is even the right way of saying it.

No that was through the NSA.

This is a private company which sells the spying hack tools to others on a account or individual basis. Basically so far it has been to have been used by so called Allies who operate like rogue states. It is a business though allowing individuals and people who don’t have the tech to pay to play spying.

Earlier today they said something to the effect. They sell the tool and like a car company it is not their problem if someone crashes the car.

NSA taps everyone. lol

Yeah the NSA wil tap everyone. We just don’t know the methods they use. Like when the shadowbrokers were selling what they claimed as equation group hacking tools.

The Equation Group, classified as an advanced persistent threat, is a highly sophisticated threat actor suspected of being tied to the Tailored Access Operations (TAO) unit of the United States National Security Agency (NSA).

One thing I learned watching the wildly hilarious John McAfee “Gringo” show on Netflix, is that you should never ever count out John McAfee, even in death.

Not long now…

In for nothing

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site is down

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What was at the link?


When Obama got into Merkel’s phone and we were spying on our allies that was the work of a hacker named Jeremy Hammond. He got tricked and totally fucked by our government

As for the Pegasus software it has been known about for years. Was used to spy on journalists in Mexico who ended up dead. Why it’s a “huge” story now just shows how the media can control a topic. When they say jump we jump.

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Yeah… He got fucked by SABU from Lulzsec and the FBI.

That SABU dude was also chatting online with a Ukrainian hacker that was a source with the FBI that would help bust people on Carderplanet…

The twist is there’s a possibility that the Ukrainian hacker was actually guccifer 2.0.

Empty wheel stumbled upon something that I’m not sure she realized it. It’s still all speculation though.

In with hope of “receding waters”

But where do you see that it was Hammond that hacked Merkel’s phone?

He hit stratfor and it was the FBI that basically got him to do it. Have you read his letter?

One of the Ukrainian hackers Twitter’s

He has multiple accounts

Hammond contributed to the Feds repertoire. Eventually they had Vault 7. Remember when that got leaked and it was shown they were spying on the French presidential candidates, feeding info from the ones they disliked to the one they liked?
Point is Pegasus or no Pegasus spying on adversaries, journalists and private citizens has been an ongoing campaign. Remember when those senators had their hard drives hacked and certain info deleted from them? The journalist Sharyl Atkinson?

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