Johnnie Morton disscussd on PTI

Did anyone see this? I was out to eat and saw his picture on the TV and the guys were discussing him. Does anyone know what they said? Thanks.

yeah I was at my companies gym, we share the gym with Morgan Stanley. And the two guys in front of me were watching it on their monitors. One turned to the other "what happened, is he ok", the other guy "yeah, he just got scared"....Yeah, scared is all he got....


they just made fun of him, acted like he was knocked out, was funny.

nothing serious at all

did they show the clip?

he never got hit that hard in football

they showed him running forwarded, then i think they showed him getting a neck brace/stretchered. then made fun of him some more lol

You can't just train for 6 months and expect to win. It has to be sprawl
training, or it's just no good.

lol @ /\/\/\