Johnnie Morton - From NFL to MMA

Morton Tackles MMA


Thanks VT.

Being a Lions fan, I always liked Johnnie Morton.  Dude looks to be in great shape.



He seemed very explosive when I watched him play....

I think Morton has a few things going for him.

Hes already athletic so it may not take him as long to learn.
Plus like he said, he most likely wont freak performing in front of people like most in experiences fighters do.

He looks to be in great shape also.

> What a clever title.

Actually, since he was a WR, not so clever...

I was always impressed with his athleticism and body.

Yep, I'm straight

"black and athletic"

he's actually half-black, half japanese.

I was being sarcastic too.

He lives across the street from my cousin in the house my family was considering buying. Maybe I should've challenged him for it. j/k

built like a fighter

Didnt Matt Millen call him a fag? Somehow, Millen has 9 lives.

warez - which one he has a couple.

MB ?

Someone actually admitted to being a Lions fan??

Hey, I'm a Lions fan too damnit!

Blackanese indeed, lol.

Damn, Johnnie got torn up. Anyone know if he's okay...and whether he plans to try again?

That KO was scary. Morton looked horrified when Rastaman popped right back after a near take down. He knew what was coming, ouch. Hope is jaw is alright.

WTF kind of matchmaking is that to put him in there against a guy w/ solid stand-up!?!? Wow...

Johnnie Morton - From NFL to MMA to HOSPITAL