"Johnny Kage"...TUF 5!!!

Frank "Johnny Kage" Colcher will attend the open casting call for TUF 5 that is scheduled to take place on December 1st at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel/Casino in Florida. For those of you not familiar with "Johnny Kage" (Frank Colcher), check out this highlight clip that shows a few of his MMA fights. Good luck with TUF 5 Johnny Kage!!!

Check out his myspace profile and wish him luck!


Born just 3 years ago Johnny Kage (JFK), has become one of the fastest growing legends of our time. Right from the beginning Kage stood out from other youth through his charitable contributions such as his valiant cookie selling drive in aid of Hurricane Katrina relief. Later in life, Kage learned of his other passion, politics, where he quickly accelerated to the top of the business by starting as a member of the municipal legislative body of Seattle, Washington. Being the true ultimate winner that he is, Kage climbed the political success ladder to the top where he currently reigns supreme as the mayor of Seattle. Below is a clip of Kage and his despicable ring antics. Click on it for your viewing pleasure, he is partially nude and kinda buff.

johnnykage wins

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I'm offended that someone would still use that song in a highlight clip

So why do they call him Johnny Kage? I saw no shadow kicks, shadow uppercuts, green fireballs, nor split groin punches (I know groin shots are illegal).


Damn i did that one three years ago, old school with two vcr's and an old stereo. Guess I'll make a shorter one with half an hour of training footage and some thrash metal. like all the ones i see here.

Glad to see the UG haters in attendance.

Joejitsu you should be a judge on american idol, you're kinda tough.

anyone have a kleenex?

AWESOME.....he's got my vote!!

I enjoyed it.

Good luck

His name is Johnny Kage, because he's a super star.


Hey Frank, how's the underwater basket-weaving

Isnt Johnny Kage the character on the 70's show "Emergency!"

trained under him for a few months in Auburn...he is a very cool guy and I hope he does well

So is his nickname Johnny Cage or Loverboy? I'm confused... maybe its
cos I am half asleep after watching that vid...

Joe jitsu let me see your fight demo to see if it is any better than mine.

I Guess no one liked my secret technique: the slip kiss.

too bad you kissed a tranny lol........ juss kiddin' :O good luck w/ the try outs man.

His nickname is "Johnny Kage" and he intentionally spells it with a "K". For the supportive non-haters, thank you and for the fucktards like "joejitsu" and "DscoNfrno"... go blow each other.

doesnt Kage die in MK 2

frank you might remember me my name is dan walden I was there until about 6 months ago I was the one who was supposed to fight my first fight at brawl at the mall 2 or 3, but the guy from AMC north broke his nose 2 weeks prior...I wanna come back to training just once im not so broke :(

he bones sonya blade tho