Johnny Mascaro,World Amateur Heavy Weight Champ?

Met this guy in Waikiki the other day. I gave him $20, he seemed like he was in need and he told me all about these charities he's trying to help. I didn't pay it much mind, I figured he probably's full of BS but he looked like he needed help, so I gave. However, he told me he was World Amateur Heavy Weight Boxing Champion... Twice! I asked him why I never heard of him and these two guys who were sitting on the bench started getting upset with him, called him names and looked like they were going to kick his ass... so I didn't push it, he got on a bus, I looked him up and found his website: <br /><br />My question is this: Is Johnny Mascaro the Amateur Heavy Weight Boxing Champion of the World?

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Johnny Mascaro is a child predator. He is a con man and is aloud to steal money through his non profit organization. He is homeless and begs for money on his website He receives a S.S. check and he spends the money on harassing people and looking for his next pray. He is wanted by the police so contact them if you see him.

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I'm a UGer but even I know it's allowed and not aloud.

I read the in tire thing and just decided to wild each it by copying and pasting.

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