Johnny Miller is a douche

Fuck I can't stand Johnny Miller.

Every single time a player hits a good shot out of the rough he says "you can hit those shots with SQUARE GROOVES"

Translation: "The only reason this player hit that shot is because of advances in equipment. Obviously, this guy is nowhere near as good as the guys from my time and if we had the same equipment or they had to play with the old stuff, me and my peers would destroy them. I say this weekly to have a body of work to go back to if, God forbid, anyone ever breaks my record for low round in a major."

And he kissed Nicklaus' ass like he was a 12 year old fanboy yesterday.

you sir, are righter than right.

it's okay to kiss jack's ass a little, because he's jack and all, but johnny had his head all the way up it.

^No shit.

It's all apart of this "We were better than they are today...Jack is better than Tiger...these guys have it easy with equipment BULLSHIT.

If I was in the booth with him I'd lean over during a commercial and say "Every time you say "square grooves", I'm going to kick you in the nuts under the table.

JM is correct

don't fall for it, ghk, he can do better than that.

other than that, johnny miller IS a jackass.

If I was a pro and Johnny Miller was in the booth talking shit about me, I'd be in there as soon as my round was over.

"Johnny, how come you don't play anymore?"

"Johnny, if someone needed to make a 3 foot slider to save your family, would you rather take it or a trained monkey?"

"Johnny, do you really feel like you can talk about anyone's putting? Why don't you go down there and show him all 11 putting grips you used in your last competitive round?"

Miller = guy that played really well for 2 years and couldn't putt for shit the rest of his career.

Miller talking about Sergio's putting is beyond ironic.

his job is to pull no punches in talking about golf. he pulls no punches and calls them like he sees them. I like his commentary and while I don't always agree I like him as a commentator. There are many shots that can be hit now that could not be done with lesser equipment and older ball technology.

I like Jack's description of competition in the current generation compared to when he played (some may consider this biased, but Jack is a fair man). Jack said that if the top 100 players from the Tiger generation played the top 100 players from the Nicklaus generation, the Nicklaus generation would lose. But if the top 20 players from the Nicklaus generation played the top 20 players from the Tiger generation, Tiger's generation would be crushed. It is those top 20 (or really 19) men that Tiger is competing with. Let's just face it. Tom Watson, Lee Trevino, Seve, Gary Player etc., were all better players than the guys today. Ernie, Retif, Phil, Vijay etc. I think they are all great, just not as great as the men from Jack's day.

Jack has played amazing for an amount of time that may well be impossible to surpass. Let's not forget the 1998 Masters, Jack Nicklaus was 58 and finished 6th. Tiger was 23 and finished behind Jack.

Some people are trying to play off Jack's 19 second place major finishes like it was nothing. Those people are seriously missing something. That's a HUGE number of near major wins, HUGE.

Tiger has NEVER come from behind to win a major. Jack did several times.   The one that really sticks in my mind is his final 1986 Masters win, at age 46, he came back to win not only being down, he was SIX SHOTS DOWN standing on 10 tee Sunday.  That win was absolutely epic.

Jack Nicklaus had to come into the golfing world and defeat the game's king, Arnold Palmer. Tiger had no king to defeat. Tiger's 12 stroke win in 1997? Who came in seond. Tom Kite, who won ONE major.

What's more, currently the pga has players in the top ten who have never won a major. Men who have played for a LONG time. Steve Stricker? Currently No. 3 in the world. Turned pro in 1990. Eighteen years later no majors and is 41 years old. K.J. Choi. Turned pro in 1994. Current age 37. Major wins 0. Rory Sabbatini is on there with no majors. Mickelson, Els, Furyk, and Harrington are on there, but some of them are getting old and clearly are not going to win eight majors like Watson, nor nine like Gary Player, nor seven like Arnold Palmer. There are some up and coming guys on the top ten (Scott, Rose, and I guess Rory could be considered a young guy, but I hate him so much it just annoys me he's on the top ten).

As far as Tiger's hot shot competitors (like Adam Scott), okay "highly competitive" but they can't beat Tiger in majors when he is in contention- they fold under the big time pressure. Tiger has only 4 second place finishes, most of which he started the final round well back and was nearly given each when the leader realized that TW was closing on them. Jack on the other hand had 19 seconds in majors!(10 compared to TWs 4 in thier first 11 yrs on tour comparatively) Another important statistic, Jacks 5 best competitors: 35 majors combined, Tiger's: 13 combined, as much as Tiger has peronally. I'm not disrespecting Tiger.

I think both Jack and Tiger are the all-around greatest players who ever lived (although who knows what Hogan may have accomplished if it was not for the accident). But I think Jack was the better of the two. I remember Greg Norman saying "If Jack were in his prime today he could hit it 360 with the equipment." I believe if Jack was currently in his prime, him and Tiger would be neck-and-neck all the time. Who would come out on top?  IMO it's a toss up.

"his job is to pull no punches in talking about golf. he pulls no punches and calls them like he sees them. I like his commentary and while I don't always agree I like him as a commentator. There are many shots that can be hit now that could not be done with lesser equipment and older ball technology."

See, this is the mind-trick Miller tries to pull on everyone. He tries to pretend he's giving you insight into what the player is thinking. Instead, you're getting insight into what Johnny would be thinking. The constant negativity in his thoughts is exactly why he doesn't play competitive golf.

To contrast that, when Tiger was asked if he hit any practice shots out of the church pew bunkers at Oakmont last year he responded "I'm not planning on hitting it there so why would I practice it". No negative thinking.

Johnny miller's thoughts are good imo. It may not be Tiger's thoughts but it is as close as we will get to what a pro would think. I will take a champion like Miller's thoughts. like it or not he is good at his job. Who else are you going to listen to, Lanny Wadkins? he is the worst of all time.

as much as i dislike johnny, i agree with him 100% about not letting tiger hit his driver on #12, just now.  tiger's probably going to go on and win, but damn, he's smarter than that, and if he's not steve should be. 

he'll probably hole it from that bunker anymuthafucking way.

Good post animal chin. I think the reason the competition was better during Nicklaus' day was because the money wasn't there. If you didn't finish a tournament in the top 10 you didn't win that much. The sponserships were there only for the top players. Now days golfers will make a million a year on sponserships and they aren't even in the top 30. Nicklaus did have stiffer competition but in the last couple of years I have felt Tiger is the better player. He is as long as Jack, iron play is as good, Nicklaus has the edge on putting, but Tiger is a better wedge player. My position may change if Tiger doesn't win as many majors as Nicklaus (but I doubt that is going to happen). Also it will be interesting to see if Tiger can win a major at age 46.

Jack beat better players.

Palmer, Watson, Player, Miller are alot better than Phil, Vijay and David Duval.

 Johnny Miller is not perfect, but he's come up with some great comentary over the years.  "Better than most..."

I hate Johnny Miller and his announcing "whiny" style. Even worse than hearing him is looking at him talk with the white gob of shit in the corners of his mouth.

Tiger won't win this Masters..he's currently 8 shots down.

Also, just to chime in..I never liked Jack Nicklaus..and I don't really like Tiger Woods much either. But a prime Woods would stomp the hell out of a prime Nicklaus 9 times out of 10 they tee'd it up.