Johnny Morton fighting tonite

Just caught this little diddy of info on the "Respect the Brock" thread in the UG. Ex-NFL wide-out Johnny Morton is fighting on the Royce/Sakuraba undercard.

we landed on the moon.. j/k yea should be good

i know props for him stepping up though. 2months of training and 35 yrs old. i just wish ... i really dont know what. hope he is ok


I think he rushed entirely to much

Anyways word is that he is fine, also this taken from sherdog, his trainer says

"He said he's totally fine," Guymon said of the NFL veteran. "He wanted to know what happened and I told him, 'Hey, you worked what we trained: throw the hands, get in, shoot in and take him down.' He just couldn't keep him down and when he got to the feet I had to explain to him, 'Yeah, you guys were throwing pretty good and he let you have one.'"