Johnny Walls Hall of Fame

What the hell, I'm going to induct some people into my own personal Hall of Fame.

Phil Stroffolino

Stroffolino came to HOOKnSHOOT with grappling skills far ahead of his competition. Phil had showcased his skills in G.A.M.E. but really started to get coverage when he decided to compete in HnS. Phil beat people twice his size with great grappling and the small amount of fans that got to see him in these early shows were treated to something special.

Fighting Event:

G.A.M.E. should be inducted too. If you haven't heard of it and are a MMA fan you should research it. But G.A.M.E. still had some strong style wrestling matches so HOOKnSHOOT goes alone.

If you have ever attended a Friday night Submission Fighting Tournament (Pancrase style), got up on Saturday morning and competed in a BJJ tournament, took a nap and then went to a Saturday night No Holds Barred Tournament, and ended up at a Sunday fighting seminar, then you know where Evansville IN is and you know why HnS is being inducted.

It's not just the shows and the fights associated with this event that make it stand out, it was also the crafting of the 'underground marketing' skills by Jeff Osborne. By combining newletters, video tapes, emails, even phone voice mail recordings, Osborne built a succesful event out of a sport that was just beginning to get fans, and he did it without spending tons of money on commercials and advertisments.

MMA Media:
George Charlwood

George Charlwood helped run one of the biggest websites in the sport's early history - The New Full Contact, along with an email discussion forum called The Combat List. George did a lot more things for the sport, but these two items were VERY big for MMA by using the Internet to spread news, gather fans, and encourage discussion.


OK, who would you put in your personal Hall Of Fame?

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