Johnny Walls is the man!

Johnny Walls your the man!

Thank you very much for creating a highlight video of my fight.

You did a great job, it shows me takin more shots than RJJ.
lol, just kiddin.

Anyone that would like to check out the highlight, just goto, and check out there Media Vault/Gallery.

Saunders VS Wallace at AFC 8

YAH he is!

that was a great fight

I have been real tied up and I wasn't able to get out here and post the link. After I created it I did realize that I showed more of him hitting you then the other way around. Sorry about that but it does show that you have a hell of a chin!

Direct Link to VideoIt's not as good quality as I'd like but I had to create it from the live broadcast stream.

I have never really liked the guy...;-)

Its all good Johnny, I am just happy to finally see some video of the fight. :) Hell I got no complaints, as much as Crafton goes off on me, I still fought till the end. I see now why the crowd was so loud, we really went toe to toe with eachother. I just wanna say thank you to Crafton Wallace for allowing my MMA Debut to be this exciting. And once again thanks Johnny, for the clip.