Johny Hendricks talks Mike Pierce, Rick Story and

Johny Hendricks talks Mike Pierce,Rick Story and how he matches up against the best in the division. 

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Fleig- Now someone like yourself who hasn't lost a lot in your career, I think you had less then 10 losses at OSU in 4 years and the Story loss was you first in MMA. Is that a good thing for you in the long haul?

Hendricks- "I tell everybody winning is easy. Winning is the easiest thing you can do. It doesn't matter when you win if your doing things wrong or not. You think in your head, I still got my hand raised. After Rick Story beat me I went back and started watching all my old fights. I saw that I was doing the exact same stuff in almost all of them. I should have been correcting them as I went along fight to fight. But since I was winning I kind of overlooked it. I was overlooking certain aspects of my game. So when I lost, I wanted to know why? And looking back the holes in my game were there. I just didn't see them because when you win it's easy and you don't think anything is wrong and you kind of get complacent. A loss you can learn a lot from and you go back and correct what your not doing well and I think I've done that. I think I patched a lot of the holes in my game."

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Fleig- When did you know thats MMA was going to be your career path?

Hendricks- "After my senior year in college, I sat and I prayed to God. I asked what do you want me to do with my life? Wrestling did so much for me in my life but I didn't know if I wanted to try out for the olympics. Within a week of me praying and looking for answers I got the call from Team Takedown. My Manager had asked me, do you want to fight for a living? My reply was ok, what do I got to do? So I flew out to Vegas to give it a shot. Got beat up a couple times, it wasn't that bad so I made the decision to train full time and fight for a living. I haven't looked back since. That was a little over 4 years ago."

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