Join the OG team to cure cancer with your computer

We already have a thread about it, so here it is:

You just download an application called Folding@Home from Stanford University, and your computer runs it in the background. That's it. The program simulates what happens when DNA replicates itself, and the problems that occur and cause cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and diabetes.

But the process is so complicated that it would take a computer 100 years to do it. So they use distributed computing, which means they split the work into smaller pieces, send it to your computer, your computer processes it, and sends it back. There are hundreds of thousands of people participating.

Out of 200,000 teams, our OG team is #833. A few years ago we were in the top 500, but we all stopped doing it. But now we're back!

If you have a pretty good computer, or especially if you have a newer graphics card for video games, download this software:

If your computer is a little slower, just use your Google Chrome web browser, search for "chrome folding app", and it runs in your web browser.

Either way, type in 66731 for your team number.


Only takes a minute to install then simply click start.

I've got mine running at 100%

How many members do we have on the team now?

We should set a goal for members and big the shit out of people till we get there. Phone Post 3.0

Saw the other thread yesterday and started folding just now.

For the weekends I only have the laptop and I'm on the move a lot, but during the week I can keep my work PC on it for a lot more folding!

TTT Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

I just set up whole computer here to dedicated to nothing but this program! I will let this thing run day and night.

Was thinking about building a bitcoin mining rig just for fun but this sounds more interesting.

I have 4 older PC's that I was going to toss. Might hook those up tonight. Phone Post 3.0

4later Phone Post

Peakes already has 200,000 points this week. He's gunning for the #1 spot on the OG team, and he has the hardware to achieve his goals.

What would my 7ghz CPU do? Fuck it. I'm in. Phone Post 3.0

Wouldn't the big IBM computer that won jeopardy be able to do all of this in like no time? Phone Post 3.0

jake11 - Wouldn't the big IBM computer that won jeopardy be able to do all of this in like no time? Phone Post 3.0
That's the problem, even with the best supercomputers out there they still can't get the job done quickly. That's why they came up with this idea. Phone Post 3.0

Folding@Home uses hundreds of thousands of our personal computers together like one big supercomputer - and in fact, it is the most powerful computer in the world, including what we're contributing.

Later Phone Post 3.0

Now we have over 40 computers going.

TTT for a great cause Phone Post 3.0

Over 50 computers going Phone Post 3.0

Come on guys, we have a good start toward curing cancer, but we could use a little help