Joining Air Force...

Hey guys, I know there have been threads like this before but in about a week or so I'm going to enlist in the Air Force delayed entry program. I have nothing but respect for all branches of the military, but everyone that I have talked to has told me that the Air Force is the way to go. Originally I wanted to go into their medical field but there isn't alot of room in my desired field which is a mental health apprentice. I wanted this job because I want to persue the field of psychology as a career and what better way than to help out your own service men and women. So right now I'm looing around at some different jobs in the Air Force and then later I'll hopefully transfer over. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

Good luck! My best advice for you is to tak the GI Bill when they offer it to you. Also, start taking college classes as soon as you can. It is free, so take advantage of it.

Congratulations. 'tapout' is right... take advantage of free classes. want to know how to retire straight after the air force? free all your time to train and your family while making good money. check out my site...

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You made the right decision bro! Airforce is the way to go (I'm not partial. I was in the Army) As tapoutrookie mentioned, take advantage of the gibill! The current payout right now is $900 a month for full time students, for up to 36 months. The payout goes up with inflation each year.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your advice!

Next Wednesday I have my appointment at MEPS for my fitness test at 5:30 A.M I gotta remember to get some sleep the night before. I believe that same day I sit down with a job counselor and choose my job and enlist? Does anyone know how that works?


Good choice, I had a lot of fun in the AF. You will sit down with one of the staff members at Meps and based on your test scores you will choose 5 jobs that you are eligable for. The Air Force will look at your choices and will try and get you one of them if there is an opening. Don't let them talk you into going to basic without a gauranteed job.

thanks jmeli, I will remember that!

Don't even bother negotiating a guaranteed job, unless you are 100% for sure with the openings of the school and that they closely coincide with your basic grad date.

I was 2 weeks out from completing basic and saw my career counselor (with a guaranteed job in sattelite com).  He informed me that the school would not be available for 7 months and I had to pick a new job or get out.  Of course, I ended up picking a shitty job.  Not that it would have been better than the other 2 choices they gave me.  Only 3 choices!

In other news, during my 12 years of AF service, I enjoyed it for the most part.


try to get a 3c0(computers) job... my buddy just cross trained and got a multiplier of 6... he got $60k to go into that career field.... money and a job you can use on the outside should you decide to get out after your enlistment

i was in the airforce and loved it. my best advice for you is to go, groung radio. also while you are in goto school for a+ and net+ certification. then when you get out apply for a government job w/ faa, dod, etc.

I am almost done with my A+, courtesy of the Air Force (I am a GS).

Never hurts to enhance your credentials.

About the GI Bill. First off, do it! Here's how it works, they take $100 a month for the first year obviously coming out to $1200. After your first year you can add an additional $600 to your GI Bill.

When you get out and start college full time the pay out is approx $1100 per month. You make the money in 2 months of school and you can spend it on whatever the hell you want. You just have to be a full time student to collect it.

Keys for survival while you're in:

-Stay away from drugs

-If you're under 21, don't drink

-Show up to work 15 minutes prior to "show time"

-Don't ever be late

-Go overseas, and get laid(and wear a condom)

Do these things and it should be smooth sailing. You can also add -Don't take shit from anyone, but it'll be a bumpy ride, trust me. All that matters is getting that Honorable Discharge.

good luck

p.s. Don't bitch if they send you to war, you're in the military, that's what you do.

Great choice, a guy I know flies Cargo planes and had to dodge a SAM in Iraq.... Good luck.

Aim High! Good luck and thank you for choosing to serve.stevekt
U.S. Army, 95-99

if youre smart enough tell the recruiters to fuck off and try for the airforce academy

Thank you all very much!

I was in the Navy but was stationed on Kadena Airbase in Okinawa. I fucken loved it. I lived off base, had a classic Jeep, a RVF400 bike, and a Skyline GTR. I worked in a small shop with 20 other cool guys building mines. About 75% of the time was fucking off exploring in the jungle of the munitions area. I trained my ass off with the same guy who was training Andy Hug. I partied way too much. Went TAD to every friendly country in SE Asia.

Got off active in 98 with a nice bank account saved from the COLA in Japan, joined the reserves, went to college. The reserves paid my tuition and I pocketed the GI Bill. I was getting over a grand a month free between the GI bill and the reserve pay. I'd bounce twice a week to make a few extra $$$ but that want really working.

The GI bill is a great deal.

congrats man. i've been in the AF for almost 5 years now. if you have any questions e-mail me at