Joint Fixer-Upper ...

What is the best type of glucos to get for joint pain i.e Knees?

Lil Katai


I don't think the brand matters that much. The important thing
is to take the right dosage. 1500 mg if you are under 200 lbs;
2000 mg is you are over 200 lbs (double check the bottle; my
memory might be off).

The original study done in France had the dosage split up
into three doses per day. My doctor felt that two even doses
per day would be fine.

MSN is another ingredient that is often put into glucosamine/
chondrotin formulations. I don't know much about it but it is
often suggested for joint health and I don't think it can hurt.

Also, some people feel that powders gets absorbed better
than tableted formulations.

Sweet, thanks

I had two titanium screws put threw my ankle to fix it. HA who needs vitamins and supplements.

Having been taking glucosomine and chondroitin for over a year,,i have noticed the most results from anything in a capsule format. Hard pills sometime don't break down in the body and you just end up shitting it out.
Costco,,recently, put out a liquid version i'm trying now, that seems to work the best. Being in liquid form,,your body absorbs it immediately. Each two tablespoons contains, 2000mg of glucosamine,1200mg of chondroitin and 500mg of msm.
This seems the best way to go. good luck!