joint mass center question

Scott, thanks. It is so exciting to be able to use concepts right "out of the box". I am a purple belt in bjj, but to be honest my progress had stalled for some time. I learn best by being provided the conceptual framework of what makes things tick. With technique style learning, accumulating more and more techs., I get stuck when I need to respond in the moment. Personally I need a blueprint/gameplan and I can get the job done from there. Whenever I try techniques, I get fixated and my mind stalls. Does this make any sense? I have not had a chance to work my throws but I will keep you posted as to my progress. If you don't mind, I'd like to be able to ask some more questions as they come up.

This is fantastic thread with an even grander exchange. I hope it continues. I can never get enough of hearing about personal revelations in training.

Some brilliant tactics!


Damn, man! I can't wait to get back home from Thailand and receive my tapes! I want in on this action :). Tysaw, thank you for asking such great questions. Of course, once I get my tapes I'll be able to visualize more clearly what is being discussed. Congratulations on your success with the concepts Scott teaches and good luck in your upcoming competition. Keep up the good work Scott!


Scott, sorry for the "blizzard" of questions lately. One last one. In competition, I frequently run into a position, standing, where my opponent grips and bends forward. He neither engages nor allows me to engage, i.e. he is totally defensive and non-commital. Usually this involves stiff arms as well. With this increased space between our hips, and no real momentum or force to can I utilize the jmc concept? How do I occupy the center when he is denying it me. Does this somewhat nullify this tactic? Also, is there a priority which arm should initiate the grip? I know some judoka advocate securing the power hand, then securing the control hand and immediately throwing when the second grip is secured. Does ROSS have a strategy for this? I'm sure I am missing something obvious and I hope I'm not wasting your time but I am intending to try out your concepts as an experiment in real a tournament the first week in Nov. and I want to get it right during my training cycle for the upcoming event. I'll let you know how it goes, BTW.

Scott, thanks for the incredibly lucid explanation! I wanted to tell you about my training this evening. I went to bjj class and trained with my training partners. We were working on open guard control and sweeps from the foot in hip/foot in bicep position. I have been having a lot of trouble with these sweeps, so much so that I don't go for them because I lost confidence in their efficacy. Guess what? I suddenly and CLEARLY saw the force vectors, the triangle point and the concept of concurrent force application!!! I was ACTUALLY INNOVATING sweeps as they occurred, not trying to force them. I also found that the power "hand" could be my foot that was in the bicep. I also found, to my surprise, that I could use these concepts to manipulate my partners into submission positions with more ease than I am accustomed to. It became clear, as well, why my efforts at sweeping failed in the past. My partners felt light as feathers. People reading this may think I work for you or am kissing your butt, but the truth is you have taken my knowledge and ability to another level (one that will take me a long time to explore) IN LESS THAN A WEEK. Thank you for the free advice you give and the quality and vision of your material.