Joint Operations

Anyone played it yet (or the demo)? I might pick it up if it gets good reviews.

I hated BHD but that was mostly because of the boring linear missions and nonexistant AI.

If this is good it could be a Battlefield killer, especially seeing as Vietnam was kind of underwhelming.

Not played it, but the previews look amazing

Sometimes, if it starts to burn down too far on one side, you can take a small piece of rolling paper, wet it, and patch it up nicely. It helps to use the gummy part of the paper.

ummm....i thought we were talking about crack?

I thought the demo sucked ass, just FYI.

Just installing the demo now. Ill give my verdict later.

I'm, downloading the demo, looks good. I was very disappointed with BF: V, but maybe I should give it another go since I never played the patched version.

I haven't played a Delta Force since the original (with the mindnumbingly stupid AI)

First impressions aren't good. I've always thought the Battlefield series lacked a certain 'fluidity' in the Engine and netcode, and its even worse in this game. Its perhaps because the game isn't very realistic.

Plus the game is very slow even though the graphics aren't much cop, which is always annoying.

I agree. I played the demo for a bit and was not very impressed. Agreed about battlefield as well.

which is also why i like unreal so much. The engine is solid and has great fluidity.