Joke in MVP Finalists

i understand both iginla and st louis, but brodeur???

how can they justify calling him the league mvp? Kiprusoff(sp) meant a hell of a lot more to his team than brodeur did....shit, when stevens got hurt, brodeur's stats fell apart, his gaa rising by over .40 points and his save % dropped significantly as well

niedermayer meant more to the devils this year than brodeur did...oh well

Kiprusoff should win the Vezina, best GAA, best save percentage.

scott stevens was the one stabalizing force behind the devils and it was shown this year, that when he isnt in the line up...they are average at best

brodeur is a solid tender, but the name recognition he is getting is waaaay out of hand

St Louis deserves it. Iginla had a great year as well...