Jon Anik's gambling addiction has gotten worse

I think I've noticed that there are times when he doesn't make eye contact with some fighters during the in-cage interviews. I've often wondered if those are guys he didn't bet on and he's afraid he'd tear up.

He also uses the words "weird" and "strange" and "peculiar" when you can see he clearly wants to say "odd," but he probably learned in some 12-step program to never say "odd" or "odds," due to the gambling situation.

Poor guy.

BispingWhat - Anik mentioning handicaps at the event now. His addiction has come back worse than ever.

I think I saw something on TMZ or some other site that said he's gotten dozens of tickets for parking in handicapped spots without a permit. I hate to see him surrender like that, but maybe you have to bottom out before you start to rebuild yourself.

lol@ Jonny the Greek over here.

I want to see Dan hardy on the desk or pbp Phone Post 3.0

I bet all dogs last event.

Rolled it all on thatch.

It didn't go well.

Haulport -


DC is a bore, prone to irrational excitment

Stann is well spoken but vanilla

Florian is HORRIBLE

Bisping is annoying as hell

Goldie jumped the shark YEARS ago

Rogan is the fucking MAN

I guess one out of 7 is better than zero..........

Guess its just me, I don't mind any of them Phone Post 3.0

Anik bet all the favs last night. Lost over 30K.

Anik is contractually prohibited from betting on the fights. He says so himself in a series of fight breakdown articles that occasionally appear online. But he does mention the odds quite a bit during the telecasts as do the other analysts on tv because it's good for the sport.