Jon Fitch documents UFC 153 weight cut

Pretty cool video

Fitch is a cool dude. I don't cut weight but I'm always interested to see how various people do it Phone Post

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Made me a much bigger fan of Hackleman. Phone Post

and you guys love to bash that guy.

Nice. Always a fan of Fitch

Cool to see. I wish more fighters did stuff like this. Phone Post 3.0

Good stuff

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And as a Bonus you can see us helping Demian Maia cut weight in the background! Cool memories, great event for both camps : )

Eduardo Alonso.

Unwariestpickle - 
Buck 65 - and you guys love to bash that guy.

It's not his character that gets bashed... it's his fighting style.

You mean his fighting style that defines hard work, work ethic, and most importantly skill?

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Great little video; thanks for posting!

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