Jon Fitch Interview

OTM Video with Jon Fitch

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Having seen a lot of fighter in a lot of different situations, I honestly believe (and have been saying for a number of years now, actually) that Fitch is one of the best talents I've seen and definitely future champion material, and I think the conversation well help shed some insight on why I feel that way.

At 5-0 in the welterweight division of the UFC, he definitely deserves more attention than he is getting in my opinion.

I remember he manhandled Josh Burkman in a dark match about a year ago. The next PPV Burkman was second from the main event, and Jon was working his day (night) job at the Cardiff Lounge (he was more than ready to fight at that point too).

At any rate, check out the video, I think it's a great conversation and he even shows a technique he feels was instrumental in his last two UFC victories.

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Gumby, how was your experience fighting at the Pan Ams?

Has Keith gotten his black belt yet?

Thanks Gumby... yeah I've been talking about Jon since I saw him woop up on Shonie Carter at the Shooto in Las Vegas in 2003.

Hopefully we see him getting his well deserved title shot sooner rather than later.


I'm a big believer in Fitch and think he would match up well with Diego if that rumored match-up takes place. His stand up is still shakey in my opinion though and something I hope he is working on deligently.