Looking to do a seminar in Lafayette IN, near Purdue University, sometime this spirng or this summer. Just looking to see if there is any interest. I will decide on how long, how much and what day later. Need your feedback now. Thanks.

Jon Fitch



I'm trying to decide what will bring the biggest turn out. It would be mostly mma. I can gear it more towards one aspect if it will bring in more people. Stand up, wrestling, sub wrestling, ground fighting. I am even willing to show some bjj if thats what people want. Most likely though it will be a 3 hour MMA seminar.

A good friend of mine has just opened a gym in lafayette, IN and I want to help him bring in some local people to train so that they can see the gym. It is a nice facility.

I am located in San Jose, CA right now. I am from Ft. Wayne, born and rainsed. then spent 6 years at Purdue. I have been in Cali training full time for almost 2 years.


I would love to come back and do something in the Fort. Not looking to get rich, just want part of my trip home paid for. Plus I want to promote myself and help out the fighters in my home town. Anything that helps the sport helps us all.

jluce that is the jon fitch you are talking to not just boiler brawn.... thanks for signing me a tshirt at the hooters in ft wayne by the way jon.

Email me,  may have some guys for you,  may even have one up at the school same weekend too,   one of Jon Fitch's old training buddies is with my school Timothy Sloffer in Fort Wayne at ASFA.


Yes I would def. Go


We would love to get you here in Indy for a seminar anytime you are here in Indiana. Please shoot me an email at and maybe we can get something worked out! Thanks alot, and good luck w/ your next's always nice to see another Indiana boy kick some ass!


Go Indiana guys,  we def on the map!


I would love to have Jon Fitch at one of my shows! Hey Jon, e-mail me:


Total Jiu-jitsu
Warsaw, Indiana

Best BJJ in Northeast Indiana

Mark, the weighins are at 4 pm Saturday!

Attention Jon Fitch! I have several people whom say they know you, some friends now, some when you went to Carol HS. I promote small time shows. The Kombat Zone is where Chris Lytle got his start, my shows now have about 800-1200 people. I can not afford to pay a lot, but would love to have you as guest when you are in the area. We could surely help you local fans base and build on your NE Indiana base. Please contact me:
or call 260-920-0200 and we can talk. I also host the gym where many NE Indiana fighters/trainers work out.

Jon will be in attendance at the Gladiator Elite Cage Fighting show in Warsaw, In on March 29th (

Total Jiu-Jitsu will also be hosting a workshop with Jon prior to the GECF show. Details on the workshop TBD.

Crap, my show is same date! We need to get together on our dates so we dont goof up the fans.

OH! Maybe Jon could drive up to Auburn after your show if it gets over sooner. Mine go to about 11 PM. He could make a little more also for the day!