Jon Fitch: "Talent is a myth" (VIDEO)

Really interesting interview (I think) with Jon Fitch talking about his appearance in the video game after everything that went down last year, fighting Paulo Thiago at UFC 100, improving his game and not wanting to fight other AKA members:

Thanks for checking it out!

Great interview and well spoken.

Can I ask what the conflict was for the game? Was he not on the roster initially they gave him a round body?

"Talent is a myth." He got that from Steve Prefontaine.

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I was waiting to hear from you...

I couldn't disagree more that talent is a myth, but Fitch is awesome.

great interview.

boilerbrawn, you're alright, meng. It's easy to root for you.

It has been proven that talent, in fact, is not a myth. Fitch is still awesome.

Ariel is like the Walter Kronkite of MMA.

I think you can get a lot done with little talent, but you can't get anything done with no talent. Someone with more talent can get beaten by a harder worker. But everyone know there's a such thing as talent. Heck, Fitch has a lot of it.


That's completely absurd, but regardless, makes me feel like a giddy school girl. Thanks.

has he not experienced the blathletic talent of the kos?