Jon Jones 1st Rd. KO

Jon Jones 1st Rd. KO

he's a beast ryan! best of luck to him and your team!


 You will all be nuTTThugging soon enough .

ttt for jon jones making his ufc debut!!!

I got Jones 1st Rd. KO

jon jones is a monster

Sexual chocolate.

 why not show the whole fight?

dayum did he set down on the cross that looked like it hurt. and i lol'd at the early celebration it woulda been real bad if the dude got up and he ended up losing

ttt for Jon Jones!

 you got any more vids Ryan...?

I've been wanting to see some of his fights for a while now.


It wasn't exactly an early celebration. I was ringside and the kid was sleeping until his back hit the mat. He fell into John and was limp, and woke up after he hit the mat.

Does anyone know how long he has been training? And was that first knockout from the USFL show? I saw him fight at the last WCF and am really excited to see how he does in the UFC. Seems like a good kid with a ton of talent.

Jon has been training for 8 months and has only competed in MMA for 3 months. He was a JUCO National Champion for Iowa Central and got a full ride to Iowa State and decided he wanted to be a fighter instead. Jon has an iron grip and devastating KO power. He has Koed 5 out of 6 opponents, he submitted the other one.

 I have to give the dude credit.

He made it to the UFC in 3 - 4 months of fighting?  That's awesome.

when was that fight at foxwoods? the first video