Jon Jones could become a hero if released for domestic violence

Obviously if the allegations are true then what he did was horrible. But if UFC releases him he could revolutionize the sport by bringing the mainstream spotlight to other organizations which would open the gateway to ending the UFC monopoly. I think this would ironically make Jones the savior of MMA

Jon Jones - the hero who liberated MMA


What kind of monopoly does the UFC have when there is Bellator, One, etc etc

What you do is not trolling, its just fucking dumb



John Jones the martyr…

Yeah, that’ll happen.

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Oh hes a hero already. His superpower is staying out of jail.

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This makes no sense - he has appeal with particularly discerning MMA fans but no casual appeal - his PPV sales are very good but they are not the amount of views that would be transformative for Bellator etc.

Another promotion would sign him for sure and it would be good business but he’s not going to transform them. The people that buy a Jon Jones fight know about bellator and think the product is poor. They’ll tune in when he fights and tune out for the rest. No one fighter can change another promotion - they need to amass a critical mass of entertaining fighters concurrently

The question is what sort of contract did Jones sign? The UFC could own him until he finishes his fight contract. Even if he fights elsewhere, the UFC could sue him for the disclosed purse if he is breaking his contract.

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