Jon Jones disgusts me.

@Jonnybones: Welcome to the 607 @maroon5! Tonight will be awesome

That son of a bitch.

Just disgusting.

Better watch your back - you might just get swagger jacked.

That's the last straw

 you do twitter.

You disgust me.

Mix6APlix - 
yhknq -  i know you are just a douche bag troll
but will still respond
the concert is more of a social event
for our small community(small bands performing after a golf event and a memorial golf tournament the next day)
people come back to town to catch up with each other and hang out with the concert in the background

but keep stalking him on twitter though so you can come here and talk shit


Fuck, I thought it was a poem at first.

^^LOL seriously, ain't this the guy that always posts like he's writing poetry?